FAQ's Capture to Print services for WPPI

One word, experience!
Using an experienced service like Capture to Print to help facilitate your entries into print competition and will simple give you peace of mind. You will have peace of mind that your files will be in safe hands and valued from the moment they are received for editing, to creating a carefully crafted print, personalised matting, to the very important handling and packing for shipping.
After receiving your files and Creative Brief all editing is completed with latest software and viewing on state of the art monitors. Giving photographers confidence that
Following the approval of the final edit your image will be printed on the best paper for your image ensure shadows, highlights and colours are all looking the way they should. We view and analysis the print under the same lighting conditions that the print will be analysed by the judges at competition.

They most certainly do!

And as an outsourcing company for photographers we also have policies in place to ensure the authenticity of the entry. Firstly WPPI require that any outsourcing to an editor or retoucher must be completed under the photographers direct supervision and explicit instructions. This is why we have introduced our form system enabling photographers to clearly explain what they would like done in post-production to an image. It is also important when directing us that you’re aware the rules & regulations that are stipulated for the category you are entering. The onus is with the photographer to be aware of category rules & regulations when directing Capture to Print on an image. For example, directing us to add or remove objects, which is sometimes prohibited in some categories. These are things to take into consideration

Yes, we can assist in the retouching of your file for both the First Half & Second Half of the WPPI competition. Then if you would like to enter the image into the Print competition the following year, we can print, mat and ship the image for you also.

One of the benefits of utilizing a services like ours is the decades of print experience that comes with Grand Master Photographer Rocco Ancora as your printer. With a proven track record for printing award winning images, Rocco will personally discuss with you the best paper type for your style of image.

For an insight into Rocco’s thinking on paper types and choices have a read of this article in Rangfinder Magazine.

We can offer direct shipping to the 16×20 print competition. We will prepare your beautiful print and mat to be ready for the wonderful WPPI team to receive and handle your entry. If you are having your prints returned, you can also opt to have your images sent in a WPPI approved shipping boxes for their safe return back to you and where in the world.

When you are completing your entries online you will have the option to have your prints shipped back you. Depending how many prints you have entered and where you are located in the world will determine the cost of shipping. If you opt with WPPI for return shipping we can make arrangements to ensure your prints to shipped in a WPPI approved shipping box or case. Click here to see your options for shipping and costs.

FAQ's about WPPI 2020 & 2021 Competition

Yes! There are new rules that are different to the Annual Print competition that was run earlier in February 2020. All the new additions can be read here.

If you have an image that you would like to enter, one of the most important steps to take is to look at the different categories and the rules that apply to that category prior to starting any post-production. Once you have established what category you can start to pre-visualize how you would like to finish the image in post-production. Whether you are completing the retouching yourself or enlisting the services of an editing company like Capture to Print, to start with a clear visual outcome is important.
If you would like to send your image to us, we have you fill in a ‘Creative Brief’ and send with the files to ensure that the direction for the retouching is true to your vision.

Most images will fall into one, maybe two categories. Have a look at the rules for each of the categories and see where your image fits best. You can download a copy of the rules here*. Or check the WPPI website for the latest update on the rules. We are also happy to help advise our clients on the best category for their images

* Rules were valid at the time of uploading, please check with WPPI to ensure these are current and up to date

The Premiere category is for first time entrants to any professional print competition, including WPPI. If you are a first time entrant to WPPI it is not a requirement that you enter the Premier category, you may opt to enter the other categories. You can also enter multiple prints into the Premier category. Bear in mind, that being a seasoned professional and entering this category is taking advantage of the spirit and the exclusivity of the category that is designed to encourage new entrants to enter WPPI.

Unlike the Annual 16×20 Competition which is printed, the First Half and Second Half is an online only competition. You are required to submit your entries in an electronic format only and they are judged by 3 judges virtually. These online competitions are a great stepping stone for feedback prior to the printed annual competition.

The Annual competition is print only with the addition of Film making, In-Camera Artistry, and Album categories. This competition is judged at the WPPI Conference where entrants can watch their images judged live.

All three competitions are open to international entries. (Check rules for some region restrictions)  

If you submit a photograph into either First or Second Half Competition, you can enter it to the Annual Competition the following calendar year.
For example of you entered an image into the First Half Competition in 2019, you can enter it into the Annual Print Competition in 2020

The short answer is no.

We’ll let you in on a WPPI entry secret…

As photographers we LOVE to push ourselves to a deadline, this little detail can let you work to the extended deadline AND save money, yay!

What we recommend, if you have an idea of how many images to you would like to enter – pre-purchase them with the early bird prices, you do not have to have your images finalised…or even selected to purchase your entries. This way to have till the extended deadline to upload and complete you entries. Win, win we say!

The rules for the physical submissions into WPPI at the at a single or multiple images may be submitted and sized on a 16×20” or 406x508mm mat board with an image that is no smaller than 10” or 254mm on the longest side. The shortest side of the print is to be a minimum of 4” or 101mm. When enlisting professional printing services like Capture to Print, one of the many benefits is that we ensure that all the rules are adhered to ensuring that your print will not be disqualified due to incorrect print or mat size.

No, you may enter as many entries as you like.

Yes, you most certainly can! In fact we recommend it!
Besides the fabulous energy that WPPI brings as a photography conference and competition, the live judging is an incredible learning platform. Whether your new in the industry, new to print competition  or just want to see some wonderful photography, THIS is the place to do it.

The judges evaluate the effectiveness of both the art and the craft in determining a score. Judging is done in a live environment with a panel of 5 qualified judges and a print chair and proctor. They examine the physical prints while the image is digitally projected and a score is determined.